When It Rains, It Floods

I think many adults out there of working age have experienced “those” kind of days at the office, where nothing seemed to go right, and the situations just conspire to make sure that not only do you screw up multiple times, but each subsequent screw-up was just much worst than the last. Because that’s exactly just what I experienced last night.

They say trouble comes in threes, but I experienced four screw-ups during the shift, enough that I had to stay over more than an hour after everyone had already gone home just to try and fix one of them. It’s bad enough that I’d rather not discuss it, so it’s no surprise that, when I did get home, I jumped into bed. I didn’t even have the time to sulk, I was just so weary.

When I finally woke up this evening, I felt a whole lot better though. Okay, I screwed up. Can’t deny that. However, it’s better to see it as an opportunity to improve and shore up my weaknesses.  So yeah, not sulking, though this does mean I’m going to have to be extra-careful until the end of the week. Hmm.

Anime Watched: Musaigen no Phantom World,  Kono Subarashi Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo!


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