Slipped Past Without Incident

After the terrible shift the other day, I think I was able to address part of my screw-ups by being able to call the client I had processed the request for, in order to also update his mailing address. It’s a good thing he was amiable enough despite it being so early in the day. and things ended without incident.

As for the actual shift, I was given an hour’s worth of call review time right from the start of the evening. It’s a bit enlightening, to listen to my own calls like that for an extended period, particularly with regards to all those “habits” that are only noticeable once you listen in after the fact. In any case, it reveals a lot that needs to be improved upon, for sure.

It was payday today as well, and I wasn’t too surprised at how my salary for the cut-off was lower than usual. Still, money is money, and I was glad to be able to put into my savings account after I got home and waited for my bank to open for the day.

Anyway, I still have to watch myself tonight. It’s not over until the weekend dawns, as they say.

Anime Watched: I-jin, Haruchika, Nijiiro Days, Boku Dake ga Inai Machi, Momokuri, Mahou Shoujo Mou Ii Desuk Kara, Luck and Logic. 


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