Another Toehold Into The Week

As befitting a Monday, there were a lot of calls to answer last night. We weren’t quite swamped, but at more than twenty-five calls answered per vet agent it wasn’t a relaxing night either. Ugh. My only hope is that when the review period comes for me this week, none of tonight’s calls get pulled up for listening. I hate to admit, with that many calls, it’s hard to keep focus, which in my experience leads to monumental screw-ups.

Hopefully the queue slows down tonight, even a little, so I can focus on each call again on its own. Maintaining a regular performance is tough.

That aside, I ran out of oranges earlier, so I bought a new batch this morning after I got home from work. While my father might balk at the price of ten orange for a hundred pesos, I think it’s worth it.


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