Midweek Trough

I’m feeling low on energy, though I think I know why.  I’ve been living off fruits and vegetables for the past two weeks, and the only rice I’ve been able to eat was what I could get from work during lunchtime, if ever. Add to this the fact that I’ve also been avoiding rice, so… yeah. 

It’s the second week already though, so one would expect that my body should have re-adjusted to my new diet, but apparently not. I’ll just have to see how it goes.

Incidentally, it was cloudy for most of the morning, which in addition to the relatively cool temperatures made it very very easy to snuggle up in bed.

As for my shift last night, well, there were a surprising number of calls, to be frank. I’d have expected some spillover from Monday’s shift, but even so there were still a lot of calls clogging up the service queue. I guess the US tax season is definitely upon us, which makes me worry a bit since the trainees will be pulled out for service training next week.

In any case, don’t have much time to worry about that yet, as there’s my own performance to still look after.


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