Looking Forward To A Somewhat Active Weekend

I’ve managed to survive through another work-week, though with one night left to go, I can’t afford to be careless. My team lead could very well monitor calls tonight, and pull calls from the previous nights too… Ugh. In any case, the gist is that I definitely need to pay attention, and keep in there until the shift ends, and I can finally get home.

Speaking of which of home, I’m definitely going to have to do some cleaning downstairs, what with there being about a week left before my father comes back. While I wasn’t able to buy that mop, I was able to buy a bar of red floor wax earlier, and it should be enough for my sister’s room, the small space in between our rooms and the stairs, and the stairs themselves.

That said, I might have to take a detour to my sister’s place instead, as she has a family get-together planned to celebrate our nanay’s birthday tomorrow. Another lunch out in barely a month. I’m kind of jealous at her savings and salary, that it allows her to be able to spend this much.

Anyway, for tonight, the usual reminders to myself: focus and pay attention.


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