Still Busy, On A Late Saturday Evening

It was raining when I got out of work this morning. It wasn’t that strong though, but because of it I had to contend with muddy streets as I went home more than having my clothes wet. I still got changed when I got home though, but that was more due to how I was going to meet my sister later on.

I managed to get maybe an hour and a half worth of sleep, then I was up again and changed, and was off in the direction of the MRT station again. The rain was a little stronger at that point, so I had to bring a (foldable) umbrella with me to ward it off.

My sister had reserved a place at Gumbos, a place that served Cajun cooking over at SM North Edsa, and the most convenient way to get there was via metro rail. I was lucky to get myself a seat at the train that was waiting at the platform, right at one of the corners by the central joint of the train car, and it was there I settled in for the trip north. I didn’t expect the trip to take more than thirty minutes at best, but by the point the train arrived at Kamuning station, it was taking longer and longer stops in between stations.

By the time it reached Cubao, the stop was almost ten minutes long, and I was seriously late already. I have to admit, it made me annoyed, not helped by the fact that I received a text from my sister once I was close to Trinoma that they had started eating without me. Buh.

When I got to Gumbo’s, they were already half-done, and all that was left to me was a partially-eaten serving of fried rice, roast rib, shrimp skewers, buffalo wings, and a glass of cola. I was so hungry at that point (not also helped by the fact that I’d been eating mostly fruits, vegetables and fish, and no rice, for the past week and a half) I also ordered a plate of gumbo and another glass of cola, this time bottomless. It was a good thing they hadn’t billed out before then…

Needless to say, I was quite full when everything was said and done, but I still owed my sister and churros for being late. So it was a visit at the churros place downstairs before we parted ways.

After that? It was back home for me, where I got changed again, and settled in for a long sleep. The cool temperature due to the rain helped in that regard.


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