Not A Brilliant Start, But Made Up For It

I freely admit that the start of last night’s shift wasn’t really the best. I sort of botched the first call of the evening, and as a result was the client got aggravated and frustrated. While what I said was technically true, I felt that I could have gone about it a little better. Ugh. Hopefully that call doesn’t get pulled for review this week.

Thankfully the calls that followed were a little better, at least in my opinion. That miserable start aside, I didn’t have any major flubs during the evening.

As for the rest of the shift, well, during our lunchtime we sort of had pancit and barbecue prepared care of our team lead (who had ordered the latter from Buddys) as a bit of a delayed Happy Birthday to two members of the team, one of which being the team assistant (who was absent from the floor since she was training the new members for Service this time). As it was free food, I didn’t complain, though it did put a wrinkle on my fruits and veggie diet.

Wasn’t really tired once I got home, but I did go to bed relatively early. The cold breezes are tempting, I tell you.

Anime Watched: Koukaku no Pandora.


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