Simple Endeavors On The Homefront

So it turned out that it was Ash Wednesday yesterday. I should have expected that, but I suppose it’s what I get when I spend most of the day simply sleeping rather than, y’know, looking at the calendar or paying attention to the news.

Last night’s shift wasn’t as rough as I’d feared, though there were definitely some calls I felt I could have done better at. The latter is the reason why I’m worried about my calls for last night being pulled for review, and it’s close to the end of the week, which definitely means that it’s call monitoring time once again… Better not lose focus tonight, or tomorrow evening for that matter.

Oh, and I was able to put a layer of floor wax at my sister’s room, as well as the landing, as planned. The big question here now would be whether or not I’d be able to actually give the floor and stairs a good scrubbing once my sister arrives tomorrow. Hmm.

Anime Watched: Active Raid, Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!


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