Obviously Can’t Relax Yet

Well, my little coaching session yesterday with my team lead definitely hammered that into my head. Now I’m worried about yesterday’s calls, as some of them, while not necessarily inaccurate, also feature me saying things (regarding the tax statements that the company is sending out this February) that might cause issues in the future.

Ugh. Lesson learned. Time to look at their dividend history and whatnot, then I open my mouth.  Definitely points to ponder for tonight.

That aside, I was able to get home without issue, and buy the lunch lauriat from Chowking in preparation for the arrival of my sister, her son, and his nanny. Heck, I was able to even scrub the floor for her room and the stairs once I got back. I still had to stay awake past noontime waiting for them to arrive (they didn’t have a house key), but that was expected I suppose.

In any case, the plans for tonight… Is to not screw up. Simple, yes?


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