Early To Rise, Early To Do A Lot Of Stuff

Kantai Winter 2016 E2 Abyssal Resupply Hime
Them Abyssal headphones.

As per habit, I was up again at around midnight, so I could do the laundry. I finished by around three-thirty or so, let the washed clothes soak for a bit, and put the washing back in place. At that, I went back to bed, though I made sure to set my alarm for seven-thirty, so when I woke up again I’d be able to put out the clothes to dry.

And that’s exactly what I did. After that? I think I spent the rest of the morning prepping my forces in Kantai Collection for the Event. I had to go out at around lunchtime however, as my sister asked me to buy something for lunch.  I ended up buying special La Paz Batchoy, as well as a small brazos de mercedes from the local Goldilocks store.  These, added to the adobo that my sister already prepared, made for a very filling lunch, for sure.

Oh, and my father? He didn’t exactly arrive as scheduled, as apparently the flight got delayed.  He finally arrived in the late afternoon, but during that time I was at church, so it was only my sister and my nephew to meet him at the house.

As for what I did with the rest of my time, well, went back to Kantai Collection’s event.  With only three stages, it’s kind of weird to NOT finish off the first two stages in a sitting, I think. So that’s what I did.

Kantai Winter 2016 E2 Abyssal Resupply Hime B
Welp, she’s ticked off now.
Tone to the rescue. Sheesh.
Tone to the rescue. Sheesh.

Kantai Winter 2016 E2 Clear Animation

Checkpoint and clear image.
Checkpoint and clear image.

It’s harder than it looks, let me tell you. At this point, I’m thinking it would be best to hit the sack, and worry about clearing the Extra Ops tomorrow.

But hey, Hatsuzuki get!
But hey, Hatsuzuki get!

Pretty doable, as I have a day off tomorrow anyway.


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