Getting Back To Work, After That Break

If nothing else, I was able to take advantage of my day off work yesterday to catch up on sleep. A little too much of it actually, if you take away the time I used to play through the Kantai Collection event, and this carried over into today as well. Let’s just say that I was in bed again by around ten, and slept through the day until six-thirty in the evening.

Hopefully this means that I’ve managed to get a surplus of energy for tonight’s shift, if only to avoid any caffeine infusions.

Oh, and since my father wasn’t able to find anyone at Leyte to take over taking care of the baby, it looks like my nephew’s staying with us for the duration. It’s not that bad, though I do worry that my father might not be able to properly watch over the kid, especially when you consider the former’s age…

In any case, it’s a new work week, meaning that I’ll have to keep on my toes, again.  


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