Bombshells And Looking Towards The Future

So the topic of discussion for last night’s team meeting was the fact that our team lead was leaving the company by around April or May. He was definitely not sticking around past the end of the US tax season, so it makes me wonder who was going to handle the Certificate training, if it comes to that.

With the announcement, it’s no surprise that the rumblings about moving on to “greener” pastures eventually came up as well. As you might know, the pay at SYKES wasn’t really that great to begin with, and with the changing of review metrics to “all or nothing”, it was actually getting harder to get the bonuses we’re expecting to offset the low basic. Hmm.

That’s not to say the whole team is thinking of jumping ship en masse, but the deadline for our bond is this September, and it’s not bad to think about the future.

As for me, it’s enough for me to open up Jobstreet once I got home, and browse the offers that were more than 25000 PHP again.

Seriously though, this got me thinking of studying again, though this time Japanese language on a more serious level. None of this online guide BS, but going through the courses, then trying out the JPLT exam at the end of the year. The issue of course would have to be the scheduling, never mind the tuition fee (which looks like it’s more than what I paid at DLSU, per term!).

This is going to take some serious consideration, and investment of both time and money, and is definitely not something I can take lightly.

Anime Watched: Boku Dake ga Inai Machi.


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