A Reminder To Be On My Toes

I received my first phone review for the week last night, and while it isn’t included in the stack rack computations, it’s just another reminder of the “you didn’t do anything wrong, but you didn’t do more” mindset of the people back at Minneapolis. By all measures it was a great call… except that there was going to be extra effort involved for the client. In the end, rather than a green, I got a yellow instead. Drat.

And I’m still expecting three before the week ends. So yeah, I still have to be vigilant tonight, and watch myself during the calls. Ugh, talk about pressure.

Experienced another existential crisis attack before I went to bed earlier today. Hopefully that doesn’t affect my work tonight too.

Anime Watched: Kono Subarashii no Sekai Shukufuku wo!


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