Definitely Not Liking It, No

The last shift of the month ended somewhat better than expected, though I definitely wasn’t able to salvage my stack rank score. I’m going to have to definitely work on that, though with the US tax season now in full swing, I’m not confident that I’ll have too many opportunities to redeem myself. Oh well, I’ll just have to see about that somehow.

I wish the rest of the day that followed went better, but it honestly didn’t. I stayed on after work, just so that I could go on and visit my insurance agent at Sun Life, but it turned out that their system was down, so no changes could be done to my investment plan.  That was annoying for sure, but that was less of an issue, compared my PC at home suddenly giving out on me, after I tried to print something for tatay.

I got into a bit of a row with him because of that, as he simply had no understanding of the costs involved when something needed to be fixed or replaced (and I think the power source for the PC is the one with the problems this time around). Ugh. 

Let me tell you, the gloomy weather didn’t help with things at all. It was cloudy for most of the morning, and I was really worried that it would rain.

In any case, that means two stops for tomorrow after work: another meeting with my Sun Life broker, then a trip to the Buendia shop I had taken the PC to be fixed the last time something came up. I only hope that I don’t end up paying for a lot this time around.


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