Fixes And Partial Stability

I went and brought the desktop to the computer shop as promised, and after some testing it was proved that my suspicions were correct, and that the power supply was the part with the issue. It was replaced easily enough, though I went home again six hundred pesos poorer after paying for a new power supply and the service fee involved. Hmm.

Incidentally it was quite dark for most of the day, and I was actually worried (again) that I might get rained on. It still didn’t rain though, but it did make the afternoon quite comfortable to sleep through.

So the PC is up and running again, though given the abuse I give it I have to wonder how long the new power source will last. I’m hoping that it’s more than six months before something breaks down again. *crosses fingers*

Anyway it’s Wednesday shift once again, so I have to be wary during my mid-length calls, as those are the ones that normally get pulled for evaluation.


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