Trying To Get A Breather

Last night’s shift wasn’t too difficult, but because I was going on less sleep than I’d have liked there were instances where I had to really focus on my calls to avoid falling asleep at my bay. It’s no wonder that, once I got home, there was only a bare minimum of Kancolle done before it was off to bed.

Of course, going to bed early meant that there was a high chance that I’d just wake up around mid-afternoon, which was exactly what happened. So I used the opportunity to catch up on the anime I downloaded over the morning, and after an hour or so of this, I was sleepy enough to go to bed again. 

In any case, it’s close to the end of the week again, which usually means call review period, so going to have to watch myself again, especially on the mid-length calls.

Anime Watched: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo!, Haruchika.


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