Sudden Denouements

It was ironic, that for all my worries about the review that was scheduled for me last night, they were quickly dissipated by some account-wide issues that made said reviews impossible to do. How? Because for the whole evening, Sykes Ameriprise suffered system issues that not only made it ridiculously hard to even make calls (which left the US team alone to fend for themselves for extended periods through the whole evening), but the stability of the connection was so intermittent that it would be a miracle for us to even have our systems up for more than five minutes straight.  

In fact, for the first two and a half hours we were pretty much stuck sitting around doing nothing while the IT downstairs tried to figure out what was going on.  And after that? Tentative log-ins to test out system stability, which as I mentioned always seemed to be short-lived, up to the point where calls would simply end at the same time our remote desktops froze up on us.  It was sad, yet funny at the same time.

Eventually, during the second half of the day, IT came up with a stopgap measure: have teams log in only two members at any time, then alternating pairs logging in and and logging out. It didn’t quite pan out, as the system disconnections continued, and what’s worse it left the two unlucky souls manning the queue to take care of the backed up call queue before they (eventually) got kicked out of the system again.

By the shift ended, the issues still hadn’t been fixed, which makes everyone worried for Monday. Hopefully things have been sorted out by then.

Anime Watched: Myriad Colors Phantom World, Gate S2, Oshiete Galko-chan, Koukaku no Pandora, Heavy Object, Active Raid, Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!


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