Tentative And Cautious

With the network disruption that happened during the entirety of Friday’s shift, I’m kind of expecting some stability at the office tonight. On one side, at least I’ll be able to actually do my job, but on the other hand I’m also expecting a lot of annoyed people calling in because of what happened on Friday. Igh.

I’m also kind of guessing that the call review will instead be moved for tonight, unless my team lead stubbornly tried to review my calls despite the network issues… Yeah. So I’ll have to be on my toes yet again, lest I have another occurrence of “foot meets mouth” for the shift. 

On the non-work related stuff I did today, I helped grill some tilapia for lunch today. It turned out okay, more or less.

Anime Watched: Active Raid, Hai to Gensou no Grimgar.


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