Worries Dispelled, More Worries Gained

It turned out that I did good on the call that was pulled up for review. Now all I need to do is pass all the other call reviews coming for the month, so I can’t really relax any.

That aside, there’s a “decorate your bay for the Maskara festival” thing going on at the office right now, so the rest of the team spent their non-call time on painting the cardboard masks that one of the newbies brought and distributed. It turned out, I was one of those who didn’t do any decorating, and by the end of the shift my own mask was still pristine and white. I’ll have to do something about that tonight.

Oh, and boy was it hot today. It wasn’t noticeable during the morning, but once the afternoon came it became unbearable enough that it roused me from my sleep. I had to turn on the a/c, the first time I did so in a while, just so that I could get back to sleep. Hmm.


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