All These Nagging Worries

It was really hot again today. While it didn’t start out that way — it was actually really dark on the way home, and I was worried it might rain — and it was somewhat cool in the morning, by the time I got woken up by my nephew’s loud shouting at around two in the afternoon it was uncomfortably warm. Let me tell you, I turned on the a/c quickly after that, and it helped in letting me get back to sleep.

As for last night’s shift, it was pretty much status quo, up to and including the call review that I noticed my team lead to be doing close to the end. I have to admit I’m worried, as I’m not sure how I personally performed, doubly so because I saw that the call was one of those where I did process a request, I didn’t do everything I could have done on a call. Which probably means a yellow on one of the important metrics, as the management seems to be big on pro-activity these days. Hmph.

Anime Watched: Active Raid, Haruchika. 


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