Moving Things An Hour Early Again

DST has come, so for us here in the Philippines working for US companies, it’s time to once again readjust our watches an hour forward. While it didn’t really affect our bosses over in Minneapolis, for me at least it meant that I had an hour less today to sleep. Oh, I could have gone to bed an hour early to prepare, but nope, I just had to eat lunch with the family today. 

And it was hot this afternoon too, enough that I had to turn on the a/c again to sleep comfortably…

Regardless, this meant that I barely have five minutes sleep to my name. Which is not really good, as I’ll have to drink more coffee to compensate. Ugh. At least I took a bath before going to bed, so I won’t be in a panic getting ready (and will just have to worry about washing my face and using mouthwash).

Anime Watched: Dimension W, Hai to Gensou no Grimgar.


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