Pay Day, Not A Break

Our pay landed relatively early last night, with the money in our payroll accounts by around my first break. I was quietly relieved, as this meant that my poor savings account could have something put into it again.

As for my night at work… Yeah, that wasn’t the best start to the week, at all. I’m hoping to make it up with tonight’s shift, but at the same time I’m praying really really hard that none of Monday’s calls get pulled for review.

In any case, once I got home from work I set my alarm for nine in the morning, then went to bed. I woke up somewhat rested, headed to the bank to deposit my salary into my savings account, then went back home to try and rest until eleven. Because I had somewhere to go by around one o’clock. I was actually worried that it might rain, as it was dark when I left home, but the clouds eventually lifted, to reveal the usual afternoon sun. At least there was a nice breeze to make up for the heat…

Yep, I had a date, who I met at Baclaran Church at around that time. We went to the MOA to watch a movie, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie selected. And while I didn’t get much sleep, I was able to snag a Mad Max:Fury Road oil drum tumbler. Yeah.

So here I am, putting in my entry, before I head off to work in an hour. I’m basically running on fumes and cola right now (thanks to the aforementioned fully-filled Fury Road drum tumbler), but I think it was well worth it.


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