Overdid It A Bit

To make up for staying up yesterday and pretty much heading to work on barely two hours worth of sleep, I spent most today in bed. Not the best of ideas I admit, but by the time I got home I didn’t care at all, and as soon as I got changed, it was off to bed. I was out like a light almost immediately, and only woke up again at around two in the afternoon, and only because it was so hot by that point that I had to turn on the a/c.

Sleep didn’t come as easily as it should have afterward, so I tried to tire myself out by watching some playthroughs of Total War – Atilla‘s DLC campaign. That did the trick, though it was already around four in the afternoon by that point. So right now, while my body knows that it’s slept for more than eight hours in total already, my brain seems to be hell-bent to disagree, and thinks that I’m again working on less than three hours of sleep. Figures…

As for work, I’m a bit worried again as our team lead started on call reviews close to the end of the shift. This means I’ll have to keep my wits about me tonight.

Anime Watched: Nijiiro Days.

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