Fears Born Out

I was so worried yesterday that I skipped on making an entry and went straight to work as early as I could… Only to find that, yes, I got a yellow-rated call review. Ugh. That was devastating. This meant that it dropped my overall color rating to Green again. It’s better than an outright yellow, but it means that I no longer have any leeway as far as screw-ups go (plus I could kiss any chance at a tier advancement anytime soon).

At the same time though it felt as if a weight had been lifted somewhat from my shoulders. What happened had happened, so I didn’t have anything to worry about anymore. I just tried to focus on the evening’s calls, and then once the shift ended I went straight home. I didn’t go to sleep immediately, though when I did eventually it was straight and untroubled for a change (though I suppose using the a/c again to make sure I didn’t wake up in the middle of the afternoon contributed to that).

So all I have to do tonight is close up the week on a relatively good note I suppose. So yeah, hopefully no screw-ups here.


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