Restful It Was Not

As per habit for me these days, I stayed up late last night to finish the laundry, and stayed up until four putting out the clothes to dry. I didn’t get much sleep afterward though, as I ended up waking up at around nine-thirty, and kind of stayed up from that point on. Heck, I even took time to make lunch for myself (pork curry for the curious), though in the end I had to make the portion bigger as I was expecting my family to come back from their trip to Boracay.

Because I had no idea when they’d get home, I stayed awake through the first half of the afternoon. They finally arrived at around three, where by then I’d watched through four episodes worth of Kings of the Wild on Discovery Channel. We ate the curry together, and for once they didn’t complain about the spiciness at all.

still didn’t go to sleep after that, and I’m only starting to feel drowsy now. Hmm. Might really have to turn in at this point. I guess I’ll have to leave Dimension W and Grimgar for tomorrow instead.


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