Too Much Of Life’s Lemons

It’s been a terrible twenty-odd hours, for sure.

While most of the shift was mundane, when I learned that one of the general managers listened in on an escalated call that resulted from misinformation I had given prior, I was devastated. As if I needed another bigger target on my person for the upper management to scrutinize. Ugh.

Then once I got out, the moment I retrieved my phone from the locker, I learned that apparently my father had suffered a stroke, and was now confined at the ICU at San Juan de Dios hospital. I was flabbergasted at that, especially since he was pretty normal when I had left work just a few hours before!

I got on a taxi, and headed there ASAP. I met my sister right outside the waiting area for ICU cases. She said that tatay had suddenly collapsed during the evening without warning, and actually started bleeding from his nethers. And the old codger tried to brush it off too! Said that he’d wait until the morning. My sister wouldn’t have any of it, and brought him to the hospital as quickly as she could.

It was just as well. Turned out that he suffered a stroke two days ago, but because he had always been healthy, my father just ignored the symptoms. So now he’s paying for it. According to the doctor, this all resulted due to a combination of age, stress, and lack of rest, the latter two brought about by the fact that he’s been pretty much the only one taking care of my sister’s kid since his old nanny left weeks ago.

So what we have here is a situation. My father simply can’t watch over his grandson on his own any more. His body simply can’t keep up.

Anyway, I was visited at the hospital waiting area by my tita (my mom’s sister). We talked a bit, and she treated me to Halo-Halo at the nearby Chowking, and she stayed with me at the waiting room until I fell asleep. When I woke up my sister was there to take my place, so after a quick bath I headed home.

And here I am, putting an entry before I head off to work. Although I already called the automated service, I think it’s best if I still go, and request an emergency leave from my new TL. I know I’ve caused the team some grief for a while, but I’ve been diligent with my attendance at least, so I think I’m owed at least an emergency leave or two.

Darn it. When it rains, it definitely pours.


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