Sleepless, Sort Of

Today marked the second day my sister and I slept over at the ICU’s visitor’s lounge. Each of us having a long bench to sleep on was an experience for sure, but we did sleep into the morning, and neither of us got cranky from the experience.  The fact that it was air conditioned probably helped.  We eventually had breakfast, though my sister had to run home to see to her son, while I got left behind to see to tatay’s breakfast and noontime visitor sessions.

Incidentally, my father looked bored out of his mind whenever I dropped in on him in the ICU ward, but I guess that’s what happens when a) one’s been healthy all of their life and b) have never ever been confined to a hospital for anything for as long as us, his own children, could ever remember. Hmm.

Oh, and he was unhappy at how, apparently, my sister had forgotten all about his dentures (which made his breakfast a bit funny to help him through, as he could barely just gum through the bread he was given). It was enough that my brother-in-law had to drop by before noontime with the dentures, just in time for the lunchtime session.

My father was finally released from the ICU during the late afternoon, by which time my sister had come back (after leaving her son in the care of our neighbor), and I had been joined at the lounge by two cousins (and their families) from tatay’s side of the family. And yes, he acted the part of a grump the whole time he was moved to his new room on the fourth floor of the hospital.

With my sister and our relatives there to keep him company, it was my turn to head on home, and see to the house. Personally, I’m beat, as waiting for the announcement of my father getting discharged from the ICU didn’t leave me much time to sleep. So as soon as my nephew hit the sack, I’m just about this close to turn in as well. Just waiting for my brother-in-law to arrive at around ten tonight, and then hoping that my nephew’s sleep goes uninterrupted too.

As for tomorrow morning, it’s off to the hospital again to bring food and whatnot to my sister, as well as my father’s reading glasses and maybe some reading material to keep him busy.

P.S. It’s freaking hot today, and I had to stealthily turn on the a/c here at home just to make doubly sure that my nephew stays asleep longer, instead of waking up in the middle of the night due to the heat.


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