Not A Friday Off, Maybe

So I was on father-watching duty, and swapped out with my sister after bringing them breakfast for the morning, as well as a few other stuff for tatay (mainly adult diapers, his reading glasses, and a pile of books). I was annoyed though that I had to check in the extension cord I brought, but at the very least I was allowed to get it back once I went home.

In the end, I spent most of the day in that airconditioned room (always an added bonus) helping tatay with his meals, as well helping him walk to and fro the toilet, but most of the time I was flipping the channels to the TV between CNN and Discovery Channel and/or National Geographic. All of this, in between both of us trying to catch some shuteye (again, because of the a/c) and the semi-regular procession of hospital staff doing blood pressure and blood sugar tests.

My sister tagged back in during the early evening, as apparently the person we were expecting to help with both the baby and Tatay during his recovery didn’t show up. Oh well, this just means that my sister’s going to watch over him tonight again, while I’m on duty for the daytime tomorrow.

P.S. It’s my nephew’s birthday today, but since me and tatay were stuck at the hospital, the affair was just him with his mum and dad, which isn’t exactly a bad thing, but it would have been nice if everyone were present for it.


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