A Tiring Easter Sunday

I’m a bit beat today, though not for the usual reason. First off, I had to do the laundry today. Said pile of laundry was about four feet high, with most of it made up of my sister’s clothes, with the baby’s thrown in for variation. Sheesh. And since I didn’t want to disturb the baby’s sleep, I had to start very late, and instead of beginning at around eleven thirty in the evening, I instead only got to start at around two-thirty in the morning.

I somehow managed to get all those clothes soaped and rinsed, but then I ran into another problem: because of the sheer number of clothes washed, I quickly ran out of hangers to use (this, despite my sister buying about two dozen new ones).  Not only that, but I also ran out of space on the clothes line to actually place all those wet clothes on. Hmm. In the end, the whites had to be left soaking in the wash basin that was still sitting in the bathroom.

Then I had to see to my just-woken-up nephew, who I had to leave with our neighbors while I got ready to go to the hospital. Boy, did he raise a fuss about that.  In the end, I managed to sneak off and head to the hospital, just so that his mom can come back home to change.

Too bad I didn’t get the rest that I’d have liked at my father’s room, as he seemed to be unable to control his bladder, and had to use the toilet twice every hour… Add to this the fact that my sister apparently had some trouble opening the door to the house, which prompted me to make a quick trip back home, yeah, my afternoon was anything but restful.

I still managed to participate in Easter mass in the hospital’s chapel, so it wasn’t all bad. That said, I had to see to the laundry again once I got home, and take all the dried ones from their place on the clothesline, take them off the hangers, and fold them as neatly as I could manage. In the end, the sofa got filled with piles and piles of folded clothes…

And to think I still haven’t put out the whites to dry yet… So I’ll have to see about that tomorrow morning, ugh.

Anyway, the plan for tomorrow? Go back to work. Three days is more than enough for emergency leave, I think, and we’re expecting help from some of our relatives (at least temporarily) to watch tatay while the two of us got back to work. 

Anime Watched: Active Raid, Gate S2, Heavy Object.


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