Not Quite Afloat

As I feared, I was kicked out of the account. Too many personal blunders despite being given enough chances to improve, and the final comment by the general manager, more or less sealed my fate. On the plus side though, I was only taken off the account roster, and not fired from Sykes. What this means is that, for the time being anyway, I’m going to be considered for re-evaluation for a different account.

So, until HR finds me a new account to make my home, I’m more or less on “official business” leave. I don’t have to come to the office, and I still earn basic pay, but I don’t get night differentials, hazard pay bonuses, and whatnot. It’s a small price to pay for not being fired, after all.

In any case, this meant that I spent the day at home, helping with the house (in fact, I cooked lunch), and making sure that tatay doesn’t over-exerts himself.  This means that I’ll have to buy more veggies and fish at the market tomorrow though…

P.S. It was hot as usual, so we had to open the a/c for the evening, if only so that we could go to sleep.


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