What To Do With All That Free Time

I went out and got my pay today, but used part of it immediately afterward as I had to go to the market to restock our larder somewhat. In this run, I bought a kilo of pork, some squid, some fish, some chicken liver and gizzard, some sugar, dried shrimp, and enough pumpkin and string beans.

The latter, by the way, I eventually used to cook gatang kalabasa at sitaw. It was great, though I was a little annoyed that all that saltiness and spiciness it had sort of vanished the moment rice was introduced. Hmm.

That aside, I spent the afternoon after lunch on a walkabout in the city, the first one I had in a long time. I bought iced cream on the way back for my nephew, but sadly by the time I got home it was more cream than ice, ahaha. Well, a night in the fridge should fix that…

My father’s passing on using the a/c in my sister’s room tonight, as he didn’t like having to eventually cover up in blankets. I still think it’s better than sweating through the morning, which by the way just increases the chance that the baby would wake up soaked. Mmph.

No real plans for tomorrow, but I suppose I can continue monitoring my father’s condition, and try to remind him that being such a recalcitrant old codger was one of the things that led to his stroke in the first place.


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