Quiet And Slow

I did the laundry again last night, and finished close to the morning as usual. This time around though, as I wasn’t able to sleep the previous evening, I didn’t have the energy (nor the patience) to actually put the clothes out to dry on the clothesline; instead, I left them outside on their final soak, so that my uncle could just finish the job in the morning. Not surprising that Tatay was a little salty about it, though.

By the way, by this point I was still up early enough to see my sister and her family off, as they had a trip to Rizal that they had to attend as a family. Hmm.

As for myself, I pretty much slept through the morning, but once I got up, I took a bath, got changed, and then ate lunch, in that order. After that? I spent the day playing video games, and finally tweet-watching the second Ars Nova movie.

Anime Watched: Arpeggio of Blue Steel Ars Nova Cadenza.


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