Big And Small Surprises

I was a little surprised when my father approached me, right in the middle of while he was watching over my sister’s son, to suddenly talk about the increased sense of mortality he was feeling.  I guess the stroke he experienced is still getting to him, so I told him that he has no right to die yet, at least not until I get married anyway.

That aside, my day wasn’t that exciting, though my sister finally got the Globe-line phone that she got as an emergency line for Tatay that he could use in case something happened here at home. Just need to remember to keep it charged, and wait for it to activate tomorrow, and otherwise it’s set.

Oh, and I also was asked to deposit money into her son’s savings account. I have to tell you, I’m a little jealous that the kid right now has savings in the six digit range, while I’m here struggling at keeping my savings above ten thousand…

Otherwise, yet another hot day. I’m kind of hoping that I get a call from HR soon…

P.S. Another visit to the hospital tomorrow, so I’m hoping to keep my father’s grumbling about the check-up and the rehab session to a minimum.


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