Will I Take It?

There wasn’t a whole lot to talk about yesterday, aside from the fact that it was unbearably hot.  I suppose that’s just Summer for you, but man, it was enough that I’d probably not be able to sleep had I not turned on the a/c in the afternoon.

As for today, well, my sister and my brother-in-law dropped in as promised, and they’re going to stay for the weekend it seems. There was talk about seeing if my nephew was ready for formal schooling, so they brought him over to the Mall of Asia for the morning to check out the choices there.

And myself? Apparently I’m scheduled with an interview for some bigwig at Prudential at 3 AM. A side of me wants to go on and take the offer ASAP, another side of me wants to see if there are better options out there. On one side, it’s really convenient to work at Sykes G1, but on another the renumeration isn’t really competitive… Oh well, I’ll just have to see if it’s worth my while. In the meantime I’ve already sent out resumes to other companies, so who knows?

Also it’s not like I’m in a big rush, not with my father still recovering. Until my sister’s found a permanent answer to her nanny problem, I’m willing to stick around and be house-sitter for a little longer.


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