Interviews, And Even More Interviews

I had the first set of re-evaluation interviews this morning, at three in the morning. It was really awkward, but as it was the only time the Prudential managers were available, I didn’t have much choice. I’d like to think that the interview went well, but I won’t know the results until next week at the earliest.

For now, I’m exploring other options just in case the Sykes account transition doesn’t go well. For example, I also went to another recruitment agency over at Salcedo at around nine… Only to find out once I got there that the back office-non voice account they had advertised didn’t have any slots anymore. Hmm.

There’s another internal interview with Sykes again tomorrow, and this time also a non-voice account, so that’s something to look forward to.

That aside, I spent most of the daytime in bed, since I had to recoup all that sleep I lost due to the unusual interview schedule.

Anime Watched: Anne Happy!


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