It Ended Up Slow Again, But That’s Okay

I managed to finish the laundry on schedule, but as usual, as it was close to four in the morning at that point, I just made sure to rinse the clothes the clothes as much as I could once I carried them outside to soak a little more. This way when my uncle finally woke up later in the morning, all he had to really do was put the clothes out on the clothesline to dry.

As for myself, I surely didn’t plan to wake up early in the day, and in that regard I mostly succeeded. I still woke up at around noon though, just in time for lunch. And it’s not like I could have slept through into the afternoon anyway, since the temperature was really warm again. Igh.

I made sure to turn on the a/c for most of the afternoon, but surprisingly enough I didn’t fall asleep. I guess that’s what I get for watching the Lets Plays of Heir Of Cathage’s Total War Attila. I did not off eventually around three-thirty, but it ended up becoming merely a short break, as I had to head off to church an hour later.

And my plans for tonight? Just tiring myself out I suppose. I’m gonna have to buy more vegetables, which means a trip to the market tomorrow. Better set my alarm though, just in case.


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