Definitely Kept Busy For A Bit

I was a little surprised at myself, at how easily I got up this morning. I didn’t even have to put my alarm on snooze, so I got up, made my bed, picked a change of clothes from the drawer, and went downstairs for a bath, all in that order. My father was a little surprised though, that I was off to somewhere early in the day, and thought I was heading to the office again; I wasn’t, but by that point I had taken up enough time that I had to hurry over to the MRT.

The place I went to this time was over at Guadalupe. Aside from a few preliminary questions, the gaggle of applicants I was part of was dismissed for an hour. I took the time to go downstairs to eat breakfast, something I had neglected to do in my rush, as well as browse the internet for a bit (though I was disappointed that the sound on the unit I rented was awfully low, even on max settings).

In the end though I went back to the recruitment agency, where the group of applicants were thinned, as some were hustled over to shuttles to the companies that the agency serviced, for their initial interviews. As for myself? I was taken to the side, given some instructions on what to expect by tomorrow — a phone interview from an Australian company based over at PBCom towers at Ayala, hopefully for something non-voice.

Incidentally, had I been working normally, it would be payday by now at Sykes. I’ll have to check my payroll account at BDO tomorrow morning to see if my last team lead was sincere in saying that I was still under Sykes’ payroll, especially since there was no way for me to submit my attendance records.


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