Helping Out During Someone Else’s Anniversary

I didn’t plan on waking up early today, but I was expecting a call from the company I was referred to, so when the alarm rang I was up and out of bed, and off to the bathroom to bathe and prepare. Unfortunately, the phone call never came, so I was left with nothing to do during the morning.

Then I was informed that it was apparently the anniversary of my sister’s wedding, so while the couple went off to enjoy some time alone at Sofitel, I was supposed to bring my nephew with me to SM Mall of Asia during the afternoon. At first I thought he was going to make a fuss, especially due to the heat, but when the time came for me to bring him with me, he was surprisingly calm. He even quietly hugged me while we were on the bus.

Anyway, we walked around for a bit, but by two it was off to the crepe place to meet my sister and hubby. With my responsibility discharged, and with the reward of mango crepe filling my belly, it was back home for me, for a nice and long a/c-assisted afternoon nap.

And that company never did get in touch with me during the day. Hmm.


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