Amazed That Stuff Got Done

I woke up way early again today, because I had to leave for the market. I already had a dish in mind (nilagang baka), so I selected what I bought for it: some of the bonier parts of a cow for the soup, potatoes, and leafy vegetables. Also bought carrots and taro, in case I need to whip up something for tomorrow.

I wasn’t really surprised when I got home, and found that tatay had woken up, just as I started to prep the bones for the soup. I also wasn’t surprised that he started to complain about how I went about prepping the soup. He was used to preparations not lasting hours (which would be needed to create a good soup base). I flatly told him that I was the one doing lunch, so he had no right to complain.

I finished with the soup base an hour later, at which I took out the bigger bony parts, then set aside the pot for pre-lunch use. I then took a bath, got changed, then went to bed again, but only after setting my alarm for ten in the morning.

When the alarm rang, I roused myself as planned, then went downstairs to finish the dish. I started up the fire again, and once there was a good boil going, in went the chopped potatoes and petchay. I let it boil for fifteen minutes, then let it sit for a bit, as it was mostly done for lunchtime. I thought that the soup turned out great, though Tatay complained again that it was too spicy… which is an odd complaint, as I only used a teaspoon’s worth of pepper this time.

Oh, and I went out after lunchtime to meet my sister, so we could scout out the venue where we planned to hold our father’s next birthday. Boy was it hot in the afternoon. The venue itself was pleasant though, but my concerns were more about getting our relatives there without issue when the day came, so I didn’t think much about the hotel’s ambiance.

I went to sleep again this afternoon, this time so that I could have enough energy to do the laundry via washing machine. Which I plan to do in a few minutes.


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