Did Something Of The Sort

I did the laundry again as per weekend habit, but even after I had everything rinsed I also had to put the clothes (plus bed and pillow covers) out to dry on the clothesline because my uncle (that is, my father’s brother) wasn’t around to do it later in the morning (as he was visiting our relatives in Cavite for the weekend). Because of the space occupied by the bed and pillow covers, I couldn’t get everything out on the clothesline (and indeed left some of them in the washbasin in the bathroom to soak for a bit, with the intent that I’d just put them on the clothesline once the other clothing dried), and that became a bit of a sore point for my father when I finally did woke up in the morning. As usual.

Speaking of my father, he was able to go to church on his own this afternoon without supervision. In fact, he insisted that he tried to do so alone, just to see how much he’s recovered over the past week. So my sister and I let him go. It turned out better than expected, but we’re kind of hoping that he won’t try this again until his younger brother comes back.

Aside from that, it was a really laid back day. Or at least, as laid back as it could get if you ignore the god-awful heat during the afternoon.

Anime Watched: Hai-Furi, Flying Witch, JJBA: Duwang is Unbreakable (heh).


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