Difficulties In Motivation

It’s kind of funny, but while I did complain a lot when I was actively going to the office, at least it gave me something to talk about. Now that I’m not regularly heading to the office though, it’s hard to find anything interesting to share about my day. Or maybe that’s really my limit as a writer? My inability to find the wonderful in the mundane?

In any case, if anyone was wondering, I did wake up somewhat late today, but that’s kind of expected, after my midnight decision to visit Chowking for a “time alone” snack. I ended up buying beef chaofan with fried siumai during that, by the way, but I was a little disappointed at how bare the chaofan was. There was nary a trace of leeks, or even fried eggs. I suppose it’s because it was very late in the day, and they haven’t restocked the larder yet, but it was annoying still.

As for today, I woke up sometime after lunchtime. I woke up, went down to the toilet to wash my face, as well as do the rest of my morning rituals. Oh, and surprise, surprise, the noontime viand I found sitting in the kitchen was the pork-squash-and-okra combination I wanted to do yesterday. Too bad that they didn’t include the string beans, but I guess that could wait for another day.

That aside, I spent the afternoon essentially just goofing around. Reading, internet-browsing, and sleeping, in that order. I did eventually go out to buy diapers for my nephew (Happy training diapers, XL size), as well as buy more cookies for the little guy (sandwich cookies again, but since the local grocery didn’t have Oreos for some reason, I opted for Bingo instead). Then, once I got back, it was back to bed.

And tomorrow? I might head over to the market again, and see if I can scare up more ingredients to use for tomorrow’s meal. I’ll just have to see.

Anime Watched: Dragonball Super, Hai-Furi, Kuma Miko, Anne Happy, Sansha Sanyou, Bakuon!


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