Just Sleeping Too Much

I didn’t do much of anything today. I slept up until around noontime, and only at that point did I get up to take a bath and get changed, since I was expecting my sister for her usual weekend visit, where she usually used my room for her homestay work.

And she did come, and settled in as usual on my bed, with the a/c making my room a comfortable sanctuary against the summer heat that pervaded the rest of the house. For a bit I stayed by my place in front of the PC, while my sister opened up her work laptop and sat on my bed. The only distraction was whenever her son came in to play around, being mostly a harmless distraction to whatever it was my sister was doing.

As for me, I eventually had to sleep for a bit, as the time in front of the PC, browsing the internet for entertainment as well as scouring the local job offerings to alternatives to my job at Sykes left me with a bit of a headache. At that, I transferred to the bed, while my sister took my place in front of the PC, though she didn’t use the PC at all, and instead moved the keyboard off to the side so she could place her own laptop ontop the table’s surface.

I slept until around seven in the evening. When I woke up, my sister was still busy at her work, but at this point both my nephew and my father were sound asleep. I went downstairs for a bit to have some dinner, but came back up again once I was full.

Oh, and apparently my father and uncle will accompany my sister and the baby back to Quezon City for the weekend, so I’ll have the house all to myself again. Which is nice, as I’ll be able to do some cleaning in the toilet that I’ve wanted to do since the start of the week.

Anime Watched: Anne Happy!

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