Made Busy As Best As I Could

I didn’t wake up early, but when I did rouse myself from bed, I didn’t go back again. I grabbed a change of clothes, then went downstairs. It was almost noontime by that point, and I was feeling hot and muggy, but I didn’t take a bath straight away; instead, as I intimated last night, I went and cleaned the toilet as best as I could. It’s not a big thing, and when the family comes back this Monday, it’s likely that whatever I did won’t get noticed and will just be dirtied again, but eh, it’s a rare thing anyway.

After taking a bath and getting changed, I went to work preparing what I would be eating for the rest of the day. I retrieved the (nearly-untouched) batch of cooked rice that Tito Jun prepared last night, and used it to cook fried rice. I threw in the diced bits of hotdog, tofu, and squid ball for flavor. It turned out quite well too, and didn’t stick at all to the pan. Kind of annoyed how I seem to create flawless food when no one’s watching, and mess up badly whenever the family’s around. Oh well.

The fried rice would be my lunch, and my dinner, by the way. That’s how I do things, really.

As for the rest of the day… Spent reading, and reading, and reading some more. I didn’t even take a nap this time around.


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