Not A Good Day For (Cooking) Experimentation

It’s the second day of being on my own in the house. I somehow managed to get up early and to bathe and get dressed, but that aside, I only seemed to have managed to waste a whole lot of food while I was doing some amateur experimentation.

Remember my comment the other day that I somehow manage to make perfect meals whenever its for myself? Oh boy, that was presumptuous of me, as today’s try was an abject failure.

I tried some vegetable deep fry. Suffice to say that while I managed to not over-burn the oil I used, the batter wasn’t up to snuff. I used some old flour and egg, and figured that was enough to coat the veggies. Boy was I wrong, so wrong.

At least I salvaged the oil…

Anyway, need to buy a new bottle of soy sauce, some replacement vegetables, a kilo of mangoes and a bunch of bananas, and maybe a tilapia or two.

Oh, and better prep downstairs for laundry, as usual.


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