Definitely Not Much

I was definitely dead to the world after I had gotten back from the market earlier this morning. At that point, I didn’t care, and once I put the potatoes and carrot in the fridge, along with the mangoes and bananas I bought, it was off to bed. No ifs or buts about it.

Once I did wake up though, it was already close to late afternoon. I grabbed a change of clothes, then headed to the bathroom to take a bath, as by that point I was stinky and sticky due to sweat. Once I dried myself out and got changed though, it was off to church, which was then followed by a detour to SM Savemore to buy soy sauce and patis.  We’re still missing a few stuff, but that can be taken care of once I go to the market again tomorrow morning.

Oh, and I took in the laundry that I hung out really early this morning, folded them as best as I could, and separated my own clothes from that of my father, my sister, and my nephew.

Anime Watched: Hai-Furi.


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