Doing Stuff And Avoiding Idleness

I woke up surprisingly early again today, but it took longer for me to rouse myself from bed. When I finally rolled myself out of bed, I found that I was very hungry… Unfortunately I didn’t have anything readily-available for snacking downstairs, so I just drank some water to supress the hunger temporarily, and grabbed a change of clothes. I took a bath, got changed, and then busied myself in preparing lunch.

This time around it was monggo with squash and beef. I boiled the monggo beans first, and once that was done, I boiled the beef slices I had taken out of the fridge. The latter took something like an hour or so of boiling before it was soft enough to chew (and not feel like I was trying to grind rubber in my teeth), then I added the squash and beans.  Once it was done, I ate it without rice, before I finished it all off with a nice cold cola.

As much as I’d like to have spent the afternoon dozing, I went about instead sweeping the rooms on the second floor. My sister’s room was particularly bad, especially with the mess that was left behind by the baby. I put what was needed away, swept away the dust, then put on a new layer of wax on it, as well as on the landing right in front of the stairs.

I left the wax to dry for a bit, and then used the time waiting for it to dry to focus on Kantai Collection. It was the run up to the next event after all, and every extra bucket that I could get before the day of the update was going to be a big help.

When I found that the wax had dried though, I went and scrubbed the floor as best as I could. I couldn’t get it to sparkle, but at least it looked far better now.

Oh, and apparently my family’s coming back home sometime after midnight. I told my sister to just give me a ring on my cellphone, in case I was already asleep by that point.


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