Deciding To Do Something For A Bit

It’s close to the end of the week, and with payday technically being tomorrow, I went out this afternoon for a change. As my status at Sykes was still more or less in Limbo, and I wasn’t actually sure I’d still be payed tomorrow (it’s already been more than a month since I was placed on “Official Business” leave), I finally went out to see what my options were.

In any case, I went to one of the companies that Jobstreet had been so nice to inform me was looking for people. So I went to Ayala and up into the PBCom tower… Only to find out that said company could only accommodate five applicants per day. Hmm. I’ll see if I can try again early tomorrow, but there’s another prospect after that, so it looks like I’ll be busy for the day too.

That aside, I still had enough time to swing around to SM Savemore and buy more packets of iced tea, so that should assuage my sweet tooth for the next few days, as well as air freshener for the bathroom.


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