Did What Was Expected

I woke up really early today, mostly because I wanted to get to Multirational before all the other applicants. In fact, I got to PBCom tower, and I was at the 22nd floor just a little past seven in the morning. I think I surprised the HR officer with that.

I finished their little exam, as well as submitted my resume through email as instructed. All told, I was done by around eight-fifteen. All I need to do now is wait for the results. I think I did relatively well, all told, though the segments that focused on Australia I can’t really be sure of. Oh well.

Oh, and much to my surprise, I still got my salary from Sykes today. I guess they were serious about not letting me go if they could help it, though since I’m only getting basic from then, the tax deduction for the end of the month really hurts.  And it’s already more than thirty days since I was put on account re-evaluation… Definitely time to look for alternatives at this rate, and those that pay better too…

I got back to the house just a little before lunch. I didn’t eat though, and instead after I got changed I turned on the a/c, and it was off to bed.

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