Good News, And Things That Make Me Go “Ick!”

I woke up early, but it turned out for naught, because the agency I went and visited at Cubao didn't have any good prospects to offer. On the other hand, while I was on the MRT on the way home, the rep from that Aussie company I applied at a week ago finally contacted me, and … Continue reading Good News, And Things That Make Me Go “Ick!”

I’ll Be Glad When It’s Done

It's hard to think about something to write about, when most of my free time's been taken up by, you guessed it, the Kantai Collection event. It's gotten to the point that I haven't been able to properly watch any anime, so one can see that I'll really be glad when it finally ends on the … Continue reading I’ll Be Glad When It’s Done

A Bit Of Rain, A Bit Of City Business

I woke up early for the interview, but not surprisingly I still ended up a bit late. I was still close to SM Makati when the representative of the company I was visiting for a final interview called me, a little worried where I was. I reassured her that I was on the way, but … Continue reading A Bit Of Rain, A Bit Of City Business

As Relaxed As I Could Be

I had to wake up early today, not by plan, but because of the sound of the rain that was falling outside my window. It was dark, and the rain came in torrents, and I wondered for a bit whether it would last for the entire day. It didn't, unsurprisingly, so I had to get … Continue reading As Relaxed As I Could Be

Just Feeling A Bit Pleased

I have to say, the recent event in Kantai Collection was a bit of a mess.  What with the bugs brought on by the new game mechanic that was introduced in the event (Land-based Aircraft), and the utterly ridiculous last dance fleet compositions (including what amounts to an all-Princess lineup), it's caused more than its … Continue reading Just Feeling A Bit Pleased

Not Really A Whole Lot To Do

The 40k game fell through this afternoon, primarily due to how my scheduled playing partner for a session of Kill Team conveniently experienced a bout of tonsilitis. Hmm. That left me with most of the afternoon off as a result, so I tried to spend most of it recouping resources in Kantai Collection, before I … Continue reading Not Really A Whole Lot To Do

Not With A Lot To Do

The title rather speaks for itself. It was a lazy day for me today, where aside from taking a bath, getting dressed, and preparing for myself lunch and dinner, I really didn't do much today. Indeed, most of my time was given over to trying to clear the final phase of my run through Kantai … Continue reading Not With A Lot To Do