On My Own Again, Heh

As per habit, I woke up late evening to start on the laundry. By around three in the morning, I had successfully run the laundry pile through the washing machine, and by around four-thirty everything was rinsed (three times!) and hung to dry on the clothesline.  After that, it was off to the market, this time to buy some fish since that was what we were out of. A kilo of galunggong, as well as one stack of bangus. With that done, I headed back home, but not before I passed by the neighborhood bakery to buy some morning pandesal for tatay.

I left the fish on the sink, as tatay said that he’d be the one to clean up their gills and entrails, so I went upstairs, got changed, and went to sleep.  It wasn’t an uninterrupted slumber though, as my nephew made a fuss at around noontime, right before the rest of the family headed off to my sister’s house in Quezon City for the weekend. 

This meant that, once again, I had the rest of the house to myself. Hmm.

In any case, can’t really afford to relax, as tomorrow’s the technical check for my application at 51 Talk, and I have to get things in order… Which means that I have to head off to the photo shop tomorrow so that I could have my picture taken, as the photos I have in my tablet just won’t do.

Fingers crossed, as usual, as the 51 talk gig looks like a good deal, providing I pass their system requirements…

Anime Watched: Hai-Furi, Flying Witch.


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